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    Nobody pays me to write any of the copy on my blog, and should I ever have the good fortune that they do, I will declare it. My main employment is as the owner and principal of The Future Place consultancy. The Future Place provides two key services 1) training and services to industry and academic bodies and 2) consultancy services to companies. The details of the companies I work with are a private matter, but if I blog about any company who has paid The Future Place more than expenses recently (approx. two years) I will mention that they are a client. I hold equity in Virtual Surveys and provide consulting services to them from time to time. I am paid to run courses for a number of trade bodies and over the last few years clients have included ESOMAR, AMSRS, MRS, and MRIA.

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Matt Foley

I completely agree... We'll see more and more price pressures on the software side, as well as vendors coming in and underestimating the amount of work it takes to deliver a MROC. I'm constantly getting questions on "how do we price these things" from companies using our platform, and most aren't all that happy to hear how much work really is involved, regardless of their level of expertise in research.

Early forays into MROCs cost in the hundreds of thousands for full service gigs, which I think will be few and far between moving forward, even for the big players and early adopters.


Absolutely agree Ray, the ROI of communities comes from the insights generated, which comes out of the quality of moderation and interpretation. And where does quality moderation and interpretation come from? Experience! The technology and platform is just the medium, the real 'cost' of communities comes down to moderation and analysis and this is not cheap.


Great piece Ray, like this lijne quite a lot... "the clever bit is not creating a community, it is not even in populating it, it is in turning the community into insight, and that will not get cheaper in 2010"

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