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    Nobody pays me to write any of the copy on my blog, and should I ever have the good fortune that they do, I will declare it. My main employment is as the owner and principal of The Future Place consultancy. The Future Place provides two key services 1) training and services to industry and academic bodies and 2) consultancy services to companies. The details of the companies I work with are a private matter, but if I blog about any company who has paid The Future Place more than expenses recently (approx. two years) I will mention that they are a client. I hold equity in Virtual Surveys and provide consulting services to them from time to time. I am paid to run courses for a number of trade bodies and over the last few years clients have included ESOMAR, AMSRS, MRS, and MRIA.

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I would like to know if anyone could tell me out of 100%, how many people do you think still read magazines and for what? Is it for fashion, gossip, news, to purchase products or other reasons? I would like to know if anyone could tell me this, or has anyone did any research on this. I need answers for my research?

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Jared Bothwell

It seems that there are a lot of question marks under Research 2.0. I have always found that sharing the results of the research with participants helps to increase the quality of responses and in some instances can be used as an incentive. It is not necessary to share all the survey results just those that are relevant and of interest to the participants.

Ron Shevlin

Ray --

Excellent ideas.

One thing I think will be characteristic of Research 2.0:

It will be driven more by behavioral observation than by surveys.

Rather than "ask" people what they think and feel, we'll deduce those attitudes based on their actual behaviors (thanks, of course, to the prevalence of online behavior).

A Mkt research geek

Hey Ray,

You are quite an inspiration for the Market Research industry

I subscribe to the points you raised above..BUT..

Can't we do away with the Panel/Survey mentality and think about interacting in new forms where-
A) No Sampling
B) NO "Forced" participation
C) Actual users of product/service rather than avg panelist..

Your thoughts...hmmmmm!!!

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